Benefits and advantages of being Worlddidac member

        Trade Shows 2016
             •     World Education Days/ Swiss Education Days                  20% member discount
             •     WORLDDIDAC Asia                                                                        10% member discount 
             •     DIDAC India                                                                                 10% member discount
             •     WORLDDIDAC Pavillion at GESS Dubai                                   special conditions
             •     WORLDDIDAC Future Talk                                                           reduced rates
        Trade Delegations 2016/2017

             •    Trade mission to Africa
             •    Trade mission to Malaysia
             •    Trade mission to Iran

        Business Network
             •    Business oportunities data base
             •    Member Newsletter
             •    data base of international dealers

         Member Services
         Worlddidac Award

           •    50 % member discount

Worlddidac Members are the leading companies in the educational resources business sector that not only provide products, but also have the expertise to respond to the needs in a changing international educational landscape. They are ideal partners on all levels of business, starting from research & development to the delivery of a product to the end-user.

Educational institutions, government agencies and multilateral funding organizations know Worlddidac Association as the prime source for solutions for the best possible educational infrastructure.