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Benefits and advantages of being Worlddidac member

Worlddidac Members are the leading companies in the educational resources business sector that not only provide products, but also have the expertise to respond to the needs in a changing international educational landscape. They are ideal partners on all levels of business, starting from research & development to the delivery of a product to the end-user.

Educational institutions, government agencies and multilateral funding organizations know Worlddidac Association as the prime source for solutions for the best possible educational infrastructure.

Trade Shows:

Worlddidac organises international trade shows on different continents, which serve as platforms for producers, distributors, educational institutions, governmental departments, and relevant end-users. Our members benefit from special rates.
Worlddidac Basel / Didacta Schweiz Basel 15% member discount
WORLDDIDAC Astana 10% member discount
WORLDDIDAC India 10% member discount
WORLDDIDAC Asia 10% member discount
Special rates for the participation at Educar (Brazil) and Virtual Educa shows in Latin America.

Trade Delegations:

Worlddidac facilitates the access to new markets and business opportunities worldwide by creating direct contacts with key players in the business. Participants gain insight into cultural aspects, and obtain essential information about the economic framework.

Business Network:

Worlddidac is continually expanding its network worldwide, and makes contacts available to its members. Worlddidac members receive weekly business opportunities and a monthly newsletter about the activities of the association. Additionally they can also submit the information about their achievements, which is published in the Member Newsletter issued every two weeks. A special Member Area with current tenders as well as latest education market news, exhibition news and a list with data sources for business development are available for the association members too.

Worlddidac Award  and Worlddidac Quality Charter:

For over 25 years the Worlddidac Foundation has presented the Worlddidac Award, an internationally recognised distinction for educational resources. The participants are companies who offer products and solutions for all levels of education. The award is presented to innovative products of high quality. The next award evaluation is going to take place on 2-8 June 2014.
Similarly, companies with a high quality standard are granted the Worlddidac Quality Charter certificate. Both are recognized internationally, and stand for an advantage in competition. Worlddidac members benefit from 50% discount for the participation in the certification.

Information & Member Services:

The Worlddidac team keeps regularly contact to member companies in order to learn about their needs, which in turn allows us to develop adequate services for them. Members can contact the association anytime to receive relevant information about all business related matters, and are also welcome to visit the Worlddidac International Lounge (WIL) at trade shows.
Worlddidac communicates with the public and education opinion leaders in order to present the concerns and inform about the activities of the industry. The new publication of the association, Worlddidac e-journal will be launched in September 2013.  It will focus on topics that concern the educational resources industry as much as the general education world. Furthermore, Worlddidac publishes regularly news and insight stories on its website and social media channels. Worlddidac members profit from special rates for advertisement in the Worlddidac e-journal.

The supply of educational resources to schools, training centers and other educational institutions works differently in every country or region. The role of the Worlddidac Association is to increase the transparency about the major players, products and distribution channels and to help manufacturers find their distributors. Every year Worlddidac enriches its circle of members with international manufacturers, distributors, dealers and international associations of high quality products and solutions, that profit from the global educational network

The fact that the Worlddidac Association doesn´t accept anybody who wants to become a member of the association brings the association members on a special level. Companies, positioned on a Member list of Worlddidac Association have experience and successful history in education field as well as good reputation and a status of the reliable partner. Being a member of Worlddidac means to have label of a quality business partner!



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Worlddidac is the global trade association for companies providing products for education and training at all levels. It's the only globally operating organization in this business sector with over 150 members from 38 countries.

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