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About the Event

The centrepiece of MENA Innovation 2018 will be the pre-scheduled meetings for industry partners to book, in advance, their preferred ministries, countries and organisations to interact with customers and maximise return on time spent participating at the summit.

Within the main conference arena, over 60 dedicated meeting tables will be set up for ministries of ICT, education, higher education, finance, science & technology, universities, colleges and consortium for private schools from Middle East and North African countries. Industry partners obtain access to our online scheduling system allowing them to choose meetings, create their own agenda and specifically target key clients and partners prior to the start of the summit. It is a format that ensures a successful forum for all participants and above all it is what makes MENA Innovation 2018 stand alone as a unique working event for getting business done.

MENA Innovation 2018 is the must attend event for industry solution providers to engage with clients, government partners and to develop future business prospects in the region.

Worlddidac members who have never exhibited in the summit before are entitled to 20% discount on participation in the event.

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MENA Innovation 2018