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Founded in 2011, Evertree Co.,Ltd is committed to deliver a safe and comfortable environment for people. The name Evertree, meaning “vigorous vitality”, represents that the company will withstand the test of time and keep continuous development like the evergreen tree.

People spend vast majority of their time on working and reading everyday. The indoor air and circulating papers-can serve as the reservoirs of multiple bacteria,which are being transferred from person to person. Evertree aims to safeguard people’s health by improving the indoor air quality and cutting off the transmission routes of pathogens.

We specialize in the research, design, manufacturing, and marketing of sterilizers for indoor air and circulating papers. We’ve been pioneers, innovators, and future-makers for over 10 years. Answers to specific questions are always available and the company is always ready to listen to challenges.

Currently our main products are LIVA book sterilizer, air sterilizer & deodorizer and file sterilizer. Regarding LIVA book sterilizer, it uses shortwave ultraviolet UVC to sterilize the books, and books can be sterilized in an all-round way. Viruses and bacteria can be sterilized effectively and the sterilization rate can achieve 99.9% within 1 minute. We are the inventor of UVC book sterilizer in the world, and it has been exported to more than 30 countries in the world.

Regarding air sterilizer & deodorizer, we use photocatalyst Tio2 and UVA irradiation. Irradiated by UVA, TIO2 will form hydroxyl radicals which are highly active. They can destroy the cellular structure of the airborne viruses & bacteria, inactivate them and finally degrade them into harmless H2O and CO2. LIVA air sterilizer & deodorizer enables people staying indoor to enjoy clean air continuously. The sterilization rate can achieve 99.9% within 30 minutes in standard testing space of 60m3, which is much higher than other products.



1F, 170, Saneop-ro,
16648 Gyeonggi-do

South Korea
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Consumables / School materials, Furniture, Vocational and Scientific Equipment
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Adult education, K-12, Pre-school / Elementary level, Primary level, Special Needs, Secondary, Technical and Vocational training, TVET, Universities
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Health and Wellbeing, Others

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Jaekeyung Lee