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Labtech is one of the Oldest and Largest Manufacturers of Technical Education Equipment for TVET in Asia. We produce education technical training systems for Electronics, Electrical, Computer IT, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Automotive, Autotronics, Biomedical, Green Tech (Renewable Energy), 21st Century Skills with Virtual Digital Content for TVET as well as digital learning platforms for our TVET LMS and CMS.

We were originated and founded by one of the leading Technical Educational Companies from the USA and located our factory in Asia (30 years ago) in order to offer high-quality training equipment at reasonable prices to vocational high schools, technical colleges, Polytechnics, and Universities. Our training systems are designed to meet the needs of educational development around the world with robust design, clear and easy-to-understand training guides, up-to-date technology, and practical skills applications to meet the needs of training for industry.

We produce over 1,000 different types of training systems that are organized in a systematic way in our six key technology areas. These training systems are designed in a modular way which means that they can be configured to match any curriculum. Our training systems have been exported to 85 countries around the world over the past 30 years. We are well known for producing very good quality and effective training systems at reasonable prices. Our International center for production is located in a major duty-free trade zone near Singapore (Batam Island, Indonesia). From here we ship to all over the world and have sold our products in over 75 countries.

We have one of the finest and widest product ranges in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration training equipment with over 100 major different training systems and we also have advanced training systems for Building Management Systems (BMS) at the top of this range. Labtech is also recognized as one of the World's leaders in producing training systems for Japanese Automotive Technology and we have very comprehensive Autotronics training systems. The Labtech range of ICT training systems follows closely the International Certification Standards from Comptia in the USA which set the global standard for the IT Industries requirement for the Training and WorkForce demand. Over the past 10 years, we have become leaders in the training of medical technicians for preparing techs to maintain, diagnose and repair all manner of hospital equipment, these systems are to be found in our Biomedical range of training systems. All our training systems feature all the latest technology and combine both theory and practical exercises together with extensive troubleshooting features using Faults simulations to develop diagnostic skills.

Over the past several years Labtech has launched a new initiative to create innovating digital learning content which we are calling “Virtual TVET”. These are stand-alone learning modules that feature simulations and animations that complement any TVET program. These are being developed in our six key technology areas. In 2020 we launched a major effort to put a lot of this content online to support students, teachers, and schools around the world during the Covid Pandemic. This is available at

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Please contact us to see how we can further your educational goals. We have marketing and support offices in Jakarta (Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), New Delhi (India), the USA, UK, Australia, Manila (Philippines). Also, we have partners and representatives in many countries around the world who support our projects globally.

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