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Energy and Science: Fundamental Elements for Creating the Sustainable Solutions Needed by the Planet.

In the race towards a sustainable future, energy and science emerge as fundamental forces driving innovation and progress. Processes…

Nisai à la mode!

Introducing the new face of Nisai Group Ltd, a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of lifelong learning. As we bask in the glow of our recent accolade as an IQM “Centre of Excellence,” our revamped website stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of cutting-edge edtech and learning solutions.

Situated in the bustling heart of London, UK, Nisai Group has been at the forefront of educational transformation since 1996. With a steadfast commitment to serving schools, governments, home-schooled learners, and adults, we’ve forged a legacy of empowerment through education.

Our latest online incarnation embodies our core ethos of putting learners at the center of our educational endeavors. Through inclusive and dynamic virtual and blended learning environments, we empower learners of all ages and backgrounds to thrive. At Nisai, we embrace technological evolution and leverage innovation responsibly to deliver top-tier educational solutions that cater to the diverse needs of lifelong learners.

Step into our digital realm to explore the myriad pathways to learning and collaborative educational opportunities that await. Join us as we embark on a shared journey of growth, discovery, and educational excellence. Visit our website today and unlock the door to a world of endless educational possibilities with Nisai Group Ltd.

A playful introduction to physics

fischertechnik education STEM Smart Physics construction kit The fischertechnik education Smart Physics learning concept combines physical and digital worlds…

Speexx – Bring Out the Best in Your People

Speexx named #1 Education Product in the world! Speexx pledges support for environmental organizations impacting positive change and…

leXsolar provides training in the field of renewable energies. 

EnviaM, in collaboration with leXsolar, offers support for education in renewable energies to students and teachers with leXsolar products….

Jamaica’s Skills Journey: Empowering Innovation through Mobile Robotics

Jamaica’s Skills Journey: Empowering Innovation through Mobile Robotics Jamaica is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and skill enhancement. Highlighting this…

Why are Pilot Plants essential for the study of Food Technologies?

Pilot plants play a fundamental role in developing processes that provide essential information for later use in industrial applications….

eLearning Africa 2024

17th International Conference and Exhibition on Digital Education, Training and Skills Development The 17th eLearning Africa will take place…

Visit Festo Didactic at Hannover Messe, 22-26 April 2024

How do we empower people to use cutting-edge technologies and develop new ones? How can technical education help meet…

Acquire future skills with fischertechnik’s Agile Production Simulation

Agile Production Simulation by fischertechnik Digitalised production processes can be simulated in detail on a small scale with fischertechnik’s…