WORKSHOP Dialogue with World Bank


Early stage engagements with clients

March 10 2021, 1.30 pm – 2.30 pm CET


Danny Gauch, Director General Worlddidac Association


Zeynep Kantur, Principal Investment Officer, MAS Global Upstream, IFC

Zeynep leads IFC’s market creation and Upstream activities in Health & Education sectors, including development of scalable global solutions and early stage project development initiatives. Zeynep’s professional background is represented by a mix of diagnostic and policy work at the World Bank, investment and market creation projects at the IFC, and debt capital market structuring experience in the private sector. Zeynep has led efforts in creation of bankable structures for a major Hospital PPP program in Turkey, which was built on the World Bank’s support of the country’s broader health sector reform program and marking the first time that IFC would finance PPPs in the social sector. ​Zeynep holds an MS in Finance degree from the University of Maryland and a BS in Business Administration from Middle East Technical University

Ashraf Bouajina, Operations Officer, MAS Global Upstream, IFC

At IFC, Ashraf supports the development and implementation of Upstream initiatives across the Education, Agribusiness, and Manufacturing sectors. Prior to joining IFC, Ashraf worked at the World Bank for six years, where she focused on increasing private sector investment in emerging markets and developing economies through Public-Private Partnerships. Ashraf has a Master’s degree in Private International Law and Business Law from Université Paris II –Panthéon-Assas (France), Master’s degree in Chinese law and Business from Shanghai Normal University (China) and Bachelor in Law and Languages from University of Leicester (UK) and Université Paris XI (France).

Vaishnavi Bala, Investment Analyst, MAS Global Upstream, IFC

At IFC, Vaishnavi supports the development and implementation of Upstream initiatives across the Health, Education, and Agribusiness sectors. Prior to IFC, Vaishnavi worked with various NGOs and impact investing firms on projects related to agricultural technology, climate resilience, girls’ access to education, and gender mainstreaming. Vaishnavi holds a Master of Development Practice degree from Columbia University, with a specialization in Gender and Public Policy, and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from FLAME University, India.

Alejandro Caballero, Principal Education Specialist, IFC

Alejandro Caballero is a Principal Education Specialist at Health & Education team of the International Finance Corporation, the private sector arm of the World Bank, where he evaluates investments in private education companies, with a focus on Ed Tech, Higher Education and B2B/ B2G models.  Prior to joining IFC, Alejandro was a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank, working with governments in Higher Education and Science, Technology and Innovation in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. Alejandro holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a Master in Education from Stanford Graduate School of Education. He also holds BA degrees in Law and in Economic Science/ Management from ICADE, Madrid. He is a frequent speaker in Global Education events and a recognized global thought leader in the field of private education.


Reason to attend

Through this session with IFC, you can learn more about IFC and its Upstream business intentions, and identify ways to collaborate in order to create innovative and scalable solutions for education in emerging markets as well as funding education opportunities in the private sector.

Worlddidac is honoured to moderate this workshop comprising of a 30 min Presentation and 30 min Q&A session. For organisational reasons the number of participants is limited. Registration for the workshop is available on a first come, first serve basis.*

Download Teaser: Working Upstream in Education_IFC

About Internation Financial Corporation (IFC)

International Finance Corporation (IFC), member of the World Bank Group, is one of the largest global development institutions focused on creating private sector solutions to development challenges in emerging markets. Through its new “Upstream” line of business, IFC has the ability to create new investment opportunities in emerging markets and shift from being project takers to market makers. By engaging in early-stage project development, IFC can now extend its support to clients all the way from initial idea generation and concept development, through implementation and the final stage of developing scalable and impactful investment solutions.

IFC invests across various education service providers including Universities, technical and vocational education providers, online and mobile education providers, publishers and education material providers, as well as early-childhood and basic education service providers. Upstream activities allow IFC to work with this wide range of education service providers by:

  • Co-funding and supporting diagnostic and scoping activities to explore new markets and test the feasibility of novel concepts
  • Offering advisory and project development support
  • Providing stapled financing to fund education projects

*Registration of Worlddidac Platinum members is limited to to 3 participants. Worlddidac Gold members – to 2 participants, Wordldidac Silver and Basic Members – to 1 participant.