About Us

Worlddidac is the global trade association for the educational resources industry. We work equally with all education sectors, all countries and all relevant national associations endeavouring to improve education globally by connecting our members with like-minded stakeholders within the Education Industry.

We are the only global association dedicated to the development of education worldwide.

Together with our members and partners around the globe, we create one of the world’s leading business forums specifically for the promotion of trade and investment within the education market worldwide. We are a global organisation well networked throughout the education sector. This means we can offer a truly agnostic approach to didactic systems and standards. We seek to bring the best that the world has to offer in terms of educational resources and the supporting infrastructure needed to deliver quality education.

“Worlddidac is one big family. It doesn’t matter how far we are located from each other if we follow one aim and share the same values” – Kateryna Schuetz, former Business Development Director.