The Council

The Worlddidac Council is equal to a Board of Directors, and is elected by the General Assembly. The Council is a committee of 10 Worlddidac members representing 10 different countries of the world. The main function of the Worlddidac Council is to discuss and develop the future strategy of the association and analyse its new possible services and target markets.

The current members of the Worlddidac Council are Steven Mckee, Nader Imani, Rainer Klose, Myriam Bonilla, Gerard Ezcurra, Irina Solonova, Juha Merinen, Filippo Prosperi, Mohamed Ebeid and Sylvie Legras.

Worlddidac Council meets ordinarily twice a year. In 2019 the Council met in Dubai, UAE and in Madrid, Spain.

*Council Members may also access Council Resources.