The Council

The Worlddidac Council is equal to a Board of Directors and is elected by the General Assembly. The Council is a committee of 10 Worlddidac members representing different countries. The primary function of the Worlddidac Council is to develop the future strategy of the association and analyse its new possible services and target markets.

The newly elected Worlddidac Council for the term of office 2022-2024 consists of the following members:

Myriam Bonilla, Spain, Vice President

Dr Nader Imani, Germany, President,

Tony Brandenbourg, Indonesia, Council Member

Michael Dietrich, Germany, Council Member

Suneet Jain, India, Council Member

Dr Jason Scales, United States, Council Member

Dr Grigore Stamatescu, Romania, Council Member

Dr Mohamed Ebeid, Egypt, Council Member 

Dhruv Patel, United Kingdom, Council Member

Dr Ding (Drake) Li, People’s Republic of China, Council Member

Worlddidac Council meets ordinarily twice a year in person and has regular online meetings.

*Council Members may also access Resources.