Affiliation with Worlddidac Association

For officially registered educational associations, institutions, communities or groups

As an international association with over 150 members from 40 countries of the world, Worlddidac Association seeks closer and stronger cooperation with other national associations or institutions active in the field of education:

As a fellow association, we recognize the potential achieved when entities cooperate toward a common goal. And because of this, we see the need for worldwide educational associations to work together in advancing the world of education. This is why we would like to present an opportunity now to affiliate with Worlddidac free of charge.

Advantages of Affiliation:

Discounts for your members

Members of the association affiliated with Worlddidac are entitled to a 25% discount on their annual membership fee with Worlddidac, regardless of their chosen membership level. Read all the member’s benefits here.

Payouts because of your members
For each member of an affiliated association which becomes a member of Worlddidac, the affiliated association receives a yearly payout of 10% of that member’s net fee for their first 5 years of Worlddidac membership.

Your logo on Worlddidac website
We are proud to promote our affiliates on our website. When you choose to affiliate with Worlddidac not only do you receive the quality statement behind the brand, but you also embark on a worldwide mission to harmonize global education alongside Worlddidac. We are proud to promote our affiliates on our website and look forward to seeing your logo there as well.

Use the Worlddidac Logo
As an affiliate of Worlddidac you are encouraged to incorporate the Worlddidac Association logo in your various media and communication material.

Promotion on Worlddidac Member Panel at Exhibitions
At most partner exhibitions, Worlddidac is present with a Worlddidac Lounge. Worlddidac proudly displays the logos of its members on the walls of its Lounge and assists with enquiries received by taking notes from visitors, asking for contact information and passing this on to the respective affiliate.

Invitations to corporate events and networking receptions
Worlddidac Association regularly organises networking receptions to maintain intensive dialog with its members and keep them up-to-date about association news and business opportunities offered by the Association. Such networking receptions generally take place alongside the international shows.

Event Newsletter (bi-monthly)
This newsletter is filled with exciting news regarding upcoming events and activities, feedback, interesting information relating to past events, incentives or trade missions in the education sector. Content also includes information and special invitations to the international conferences, seminars and forums which are communicated in a bi-monthly rhythm.

Expectancies from Affiliates:

  • Provide confirmation on our incoming new members (if they claim to be your member)
  • Open dialogue
  • Promotion of Worlddidac membership among its members
  • Strong information exchange with regard to the national market trends and innovations
  • Strong information exchange with regard to quality control
  • Active exchange of information and a sincere interest in contributing towards the aim to jointly improve the quality of education worldwide
  • Willingness to meet with other associations and cooperate with them
  • Affiliation is free of charge and can be cancelled by email at any time.
  • Any officially registered educational association/institution/community or group can submit a request for affiliation on our website or by sending an email to
  • Affiliation begins after the Statement of Affiliation has been signed by both parties.
  • There is no entitlement to affiliation; and it lies at the sole discrepancy of Worlddidac whether or not an Affiliate is accepted.

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