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Tutor e Institute from Finland develops high-class e-learning in practice-oriented training and further training. Our mission is making the world better, safer and cleaner place to live. Tutor e Institute digital training gives all the people skills and competence to succeed in life and know how to act. Our target markets are in Asia and Africa, where experience and know-how is the key for the future success and our expanding digital course portfolio offers training for diversified audience of professionals and aspirants.

We value practical skills, lifelong learning, quality in training and high educational standards. We are a reliable partner for industries and educational institutions worldwide. With our digital e-Learning concepts we offer solutions at vocational level accompanying people during their lifelong learning process. Schools, colleges, universities, small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations are the users of our digital courses.

In developing our digital courses, we work closely with well-known international partners from industry and academia. In order to create innovative digital courses we combine our didactic knowledge with the technical expertise of our industrial partners. The goal is to bring trainees, young or adult, learning experience online with latest technology and quality content in entertaining way, thus giving them the best possible education.

Tutor e Institute digital portfolio includes Career Awareness course with behavioral analyze, versatile courses in food safety and personal prosperity as well as courses in sustainability and circular economy.

Tutor e Institute is a member of Education Finland governmental education export program, which is governed by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Tutor e Institute is welcoming partners in education sector in Asia and Africa to work together by offering practical digital e-learning courses.

For more information please visit our web site: https://tutoreinstitute.com/



Tutor e Institute / KKNK Finland Oy
Sookarintie 1
29100 Luvia


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Product Type
Consultancy, Corporate Training, Information Technologies
School Level
Adult education, Secondary, Technical and Vocational training, TVET
Curriculum Area
Environmental education, Health and Wellbeing, Others

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General Manager
Outi Suojanen