Benefits of Membership

Worlddidac membership boasts many benefits. From discounts at many different international exhibitions to special invites to networking events, and from access to business resources to full on cooperation on business ventures, Worlddidac is here to help your business succeed in it’s international expansion and activities.

For pricing, membership plans, and to apply for Worlddidac membership, click here. For more information or with questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Networking with other members

There is no need to mention how important networking is when it comes to being successful in business. Expanding one’s personal network is quite simple nowadays, thanks to online portals. However, finding the right contact(s) can be difficult. At Worlddidac you can be sure that there is a common interest among the members—supplying the best education equipment and services possible to countries throughout the world. In the Membership Resources, you have full access to the other members’ information. We are continually improving the search criteria within our website, so that finding the right partner will be easy. As business makes the world go around, you can be quite sure that if you contact another member with a business proposition (offer or request), this will be quite welcomed.

Editable Company Profile Page

We are proud to promote our members and prominently place them on our website. This brings your brand in conjunction with the only world association for education equipment and services. The Worlddidac Association stands for quality and innovation; and ethical business practices are among the privileges, honors, and responsibilities which our members are proud of.

Use the Worlddidac Logo

As a member of Worlddidac you are entitled to incorporate the Worlddidac Association logo in your different media and communication material.

“Worlddidac Internal Bulletin” Newsletter (Bi-Monthly)

An eNewsletter is distributed (via email) to subscribers from the membership circle every 2 months. This is filled with exciting news regarding upcoming events and activities, feedback, interesting information relating to past events, and information pertaining to Worlddidac Association and the education sector.  Contents such as upcoming exhibitions /conferences, invitations to surveys, changes/improvements on the website, etc. are communicated in a bi-monthly rhythm so as not to “spam” members, yet frequently enough to deliver sufficient information for keeping up to date.

Affiliated Association Discount

If you are already a member of a national or other international association which is affiliated (registered) to Worlddidac, then you are entitled to a 25% discount on your annual membership fee, regardless of your chosen membership level. You simply need to state the name of the affiliated association along with your respective membership number for verification and keep us informed of any changes!

Legal consultation and representation

We have come to an agreement with a local Lawyers office and have negotiated special terms for our members. Firstly, our members can receive an initial consultation (time is level dependant) free of charge. Should the initial consultation not be sufficient or there is a need for further action, then a discount dependent on the membership level is granted. The services available are as follows (not conclusive): – Swiss Civil Law: general contract law: purchase-, license-, service-contracts, labour law, etc.- Swiss Administrative Law: building- and planning law, public service law, law on public tenders, work permits, etc.- Swiss Tax Law- Swiss Criminal Law- Swiss Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Law (Enforcement in Switzerland)- Swiss Commercial Law: re-location, incorporations, company law- International Contract Law- International Legal and Administrative Assistance- Mediation

Submit articles for the “Worlddidac Members Market Place” newsletter (Bi-Monthly)

The Member Newsletter is your opportunity to promote your company and products on a bi-monthly basis using a mailing list exclusive to the Worlddidac Association. The addresses used are sourced from Worlddidac reference information obtained over time from different exhibitions and from website inquiries received and the recipients are all interested in education equipment and services and are keen to read our emails.

Promotion on Member panels at Exhibitions

At most partner exhibitions, Worlddidac is present to support its members who are also participating. Worlddidac proudly displays the logos of its members on the walls of its exhibition stand and will assist with inquiries received by taking notes from visitors, asking for contact information and passing this on to the respective member.

Business Exchange Club Participation

Business Exchange Club is a meeting of dealers and distributors with manufacturers which takes place alongside one of the Worlddidac shows. It is planned to be organised once a year (or more often upon sufficient request). The club serves as a business platform for its participants which is aimed to introduce them to new contacts and opportunities. Signup for the Business Exchange Club will open systematically beginning with the Platinum members and will close when all openings have been claimed.

Special conditions at Worlddidac and Swissdidac Bern Event

Worlddidac has been hosting educational supplies and services exhibitions in Switzerland for more than 40 years. The Swissdidac primarily addresses the Swiss market whereas Worlddidac focuses on the international dealers and decision makers. Both exhibitions are held parallel and profit from one another. Worlddidac members are entitled to an exclusive discount on booth space regardless of which exhibition they exhibit in.

Discounts at Worlddidac branded exhibitions

One of your priorities—promoting yourselves—is also one of our priorities. For this purpose, we are continuously negotiating member-specific discounts with relevant exhibition organizers around the world. These discounts are available for silver, gold and platinum members.

Access to Agents and Distributors Database

Is finding a partner to promote your solution in another market important to you? We are constantly striving to find dealers, agents, distributors, etc. who are relevant to our members. This information is made available to our silver and above members.

Member support at exhibitions

At select exhibitions, the Worlddidac Association is present with its own booth and offers support to its members. This support can be seating for 1:1 meetings, drinks, snacks, etc. as well as other amenities during the exhibition. Special requests may also be accommodated, however these could be subject to payment by the requesting member.

Discount for Worlddidac Award participation

Worlddidac Award is presented every two years by the Worlddidac Foundation. It is an internationally recognised distinction for educational products and solutions. A group of teachers and a group of experts assess and evaluate products entered. Their assessment is based on clearly defined criteria. Worlddidac Foundation would like to motivate manufacturers of educational products to develop high quality and innovative products and supports the continuous further development thereof and thus the improvement of learning and teaching.

The participation in the competition is payable to cover the costs of the administration and promotional processes, and preserves the financial independence of the Worlddidac Award from the Worlddidac Association. Worlddidac members who present their products to the jury for assessment qualify for a discount based on their membership level.

Business tenders

We know how tedious it is to search the internet for tenders and other leads. On a weekly basis, we post tenders in the Membership Resources and provide our members with potential leads in this way. These leads are searchable with keywords and members may receive automated emails if a tender contains certain relevant keywords (entered and manageable by the member).

Market Information Library

Worlddidac has taken the time to compile a library of relevant market information publications from various sources such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Worldbank, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Loyalty discount

Members’ loyalty is important to Worlddidac.  As a token of appreciation, longstanding members who cross the thresholds of 5yrs, 10yrs and 20yrs years receive a loyalty discount on their membership fee.

Purchase available market specific research (when available)

The markets keep changing and the need to stay current is increasing. Worlddidac does its best to acquire market specific research and make this available to its members. Such research does not come free of charge and therefore Worlddidac must cover its costs. Access to such research however is more affordable via Worlddidac.

Invitations to join trade missions

Worlddidac constantly strives to organize relevant trade missions to countries of interest for its members. Trade missions assist in opening doors to help gain access to individual markets. The focus of such is to bring members in contact with government officials (decision makers) and potential dealers, agents, distributors, etc. from the targeted countries.

Premium placement on

The Worlddidac homepage is visited by key individuals from around the world. Members can promote themselves with their advert for a limited period in a prime position on the Worlddidac website. Part of this offering includes online exhibitions.

Voting rights

The different membership levels within the Worlddidac Association allow for active or passive participation. The first two levels (basic and silver) are considered to be passive as the value of their benefit exceeds the cost of their membership fee. The members in the gold and platinum level are considered to be more engaged and see their membership as an investment. This is why members of these levels shape and influence the direction of the association’s future. Gold members are given the right to one vote, whereas Platinum members are allocated two votes.

Initiate customized market specific research

Market specific research is costly as previously mentioned. Customized market specific research on the other hand, is even more expensive. The Worlddidac Association is prepared to organise such research on the request of 5 or more platinum members who will jointly define the scope and share the initial costs of such a research. This research will thereafter be made available to the gold members at a defined price. In return the platinum members shall receive compensation on their initial investment for each sold document.

Future Talk complimentary access (limited to 4 pax)

Future Talk is an initiative of Worlddidac to create an education forum, following the example of the yearly World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos. This special forum/conference will address governments and funding agencies on a high level and shall serve as an instrument to define common goals and strategies throughout the world of education. Future talk is meant to take place at the Worlddidac flagship event in Switzerland on a bi-annual basis. Future talk shall be a limited access event, so that a dialogue may take place. Platinum members will receive complimentary access for up to 4 persons.

Business opportunities in conjunction with Worlddidac

Worlddidac will set out to take on an advisory status for large international organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the UN’s individual sub divisions which are relevant to the field of education; and will create working groups amongst the members in accordance to the subject matter being handled by those organizations. In its advisory role, Worlddidac will voice the benefits of using the right technologies, methodologies and services as well as the right mix of the aforementioned when it comes to improving the standards in education in a specific region or country. The combined knowledge of Worlddidac members, in their individual fields, is second to none and can effectively be harnessed and channelled in this manner. Platinum members can count on Worlddidac actively positioning them prominently with these organizations. As specific projects arise which result in turnover, the Worlddidac Association will in return receive a 4% commission of the project turnover from the platinum member.