A playful grasp of electrics

Beginner’s construction kit for fans of electrics

(image: fischetechnik) The new E-Tec construction kit by fischertechnik can be used to build models with a simple power supply.

The new E-Tec construction kit by fischertechnik (59.99 euro, available from July) can be used to build models with a simple power supply. Children and teenagers aged eight and above can use this innovative set to develop their creative and motor skills while gaining a deeper understanding of electrics.

Eleven cool models can be built and supplied with power with the fischertechnik E-Tec set. Young model builders with a thirst for knowledge can get to grips with various electrical operating principles, delving into the basics of electrics in a playful manner.
Hands off my smartphone! The self-assembled smartphone alarm triggers an LED light and buzzer sound when the smartphone is removed from the fischertechnik holder.
The buzz wire game requires a metal loop to be skilfully manoeuvred along a wire that can be formed into any shape before being attached to the base plate. If it touches the wire, the game is up, as the connected LED lights up or the buzzer sounds. The entertaining game is suitable for the whole family and is even more fun if you assemble and wire the model and its accompanying power supply yourself!

The fischertechnik E-Tec kit also includes a balancing game with a labyrinth that requires the players to expertly manoeuvre a ball without triggering the alarm.
Good aim is required for the two throwing games, as switches and plates must be hit by throwing a Styrofoam ball, which closes the electrical circuits, illuminating the light and sounding the buzzer.
The self-assembled fischertechnik continuity tester shows whether the current is conducted on surfaces or by objects.
Beginners can start with five easy-to-assemble models to develop their basic skills. Switches or buttons are connected to simple circuits that control an LED. Once illuminated, it means the circuit has been correctly set up. Alternatively, a buzzer that emits a sound can be connected.
The construction kit contains a total of 113 components that can be used to build eleven models.

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