A Practical Guide to Learning Management Systems (LMS)

As a long-standing provider for e-learning, we provide you with a practical guide to learning management systems and share our expert knowledge in the field of e-learning.

First, it provides answers to following questions:

• What is an LMS?

• When do I need an LMS?

• Who will use an LMS and what are their demands?

• Why should I implement an LMS?

• How can I implement an LMS?

• Where do I find more information on LMS?

Second, our e-book will advise you about important issues you should consider before choosing an LMS and will further guide you through the process of implementing an LMS. In addition, you will find an e-glossary in which technical terms and functions of LMS are explained. Reading this e-book and browsing through the e-glossary will help you make an informed decision on the most suitable LMS for your organisation.

You would like to find out more about the LMS? Download our free e-book „A practical guide to learning management systems (LMS)“ here.

Article Submitted By:

Lisa Schöner

IM|S Intelligent Media Systems AG