About a flying aircraft, what information is important to know?

For an aircraft in flight, the engine plays an essential role in providing the necessary propulsion. For this, there are many sensing devices in the engine handling various data, which pilots are required to understand in order to make correct decisions during a flight. In addition, pilots also need to know about airspeed, vertical height (altitude) and vertical speed, all of which can be acquired from the pitot-static system. It can therefore be deduced that the engine sensing system and the pitot-static system are the two key components of an aircraft.

These two core aircraft components are introduced early on during training for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians. The operation of the engine sensing system and the principle of the pitot-static system are the two very first lessons given to aviation students. The Cockpit Instrument Trainer (AT-12001) explores the operating principles of the two systems in the cockpit. Through operating the sensors in the engine system, students are familiarised with the data from these sensors, including temperature, pressure, and fuel quantity. The trainer also enables students to learn the data from the pitot-static system which includes airspeed, vertical height (altitude), and vertical speed. The data obtained from the 2 systems can be integrated to the flight control panel and displayed on the Engine Monitor System (EMS) and the Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS).


Features of AT-12001:

  • The system consists of 6-pack flight instruments, the pitot-static system and the engine sensing system, ideal for learning the mechanics of an aircraft.


  • The transparent rear cover allows students to observe clearly the connection of wires and tubes of the pitot-static system.


  •   For effective hands-on operation practices, the components are derived from an airplane or complying with the aviation standards.


  • Various fault simulation is provided for troubleshooting practices.


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Article Submitted by:
Jamie Hung