Advanced Simulator For Automatic Management of Industrial Processes introduced by Prodit

The GR0347/000/007 has been designed to allow the students to experiment around the problems related to the automatic management and control of industrial processes.
The system makes available in a single structure the realistic simulation of the studied process together with the control device used to manage it.
The bench includes in a single unit, the real simulation of the process together with the controls required to manage; this can be achieved since the simulator includes in the same structure a modern PLC and an industrial PC whose motherboard is connected to a colour touch screen display.
The task of the PC is to simulate the process shown on the colour touch screen while the task of the PLC is to manage the process simulated by the PC.
It can be defined an “open system” since it is possible at every moment to update and add new experiments to those already available simply installing an updated software including new exercises.
The process simulation software, (optional accessories) have been designed to help students to understand the most important features of the simulated system (for example the simulation of a heating plant) by means of a guided exercise. The student can approach the trainer using the “manual mode”, so to familiarize with the simulated process acting on system’s parameters directly by means of the touchscreen, keyboard and mouse.

• Self-sufficient unit containing all the electronic devices (PLC, PC, Touch screen display, signal sockets)
• PC with Os included
• 15” LCD colour touch screen display
• PLC with16 digital input, 16 digital output, 8 analogue input, 8 analogue output suitable for the practice in industrial automation
• PCI DAQ card with 16 analogue input, 2 analogue output, 24 digital input/output