Affected organs on the human body by SARS-CoV-2 infection and Covid-19.

Johannes Lieder GmbH introduces a set of 10 Microscope slides in a box with a textbook. The set includes end-use micro preparations for viewing under the microscope with tissues specimen that are a target for the virus during the infection. Among others, the set contains a pathological lung tissue of lungs affected by a bacterial superinfection which can also happen in severe cases of Covid.

 Targets of the virus:
1. Ma112c Stratified, non-cornified squamous epithelium, in section through buccal gum
2. Ho607e Cornea from the eye, human t.s.
3. Ho612f Olfactory epithelium, human t.s.
 Disturbance of the sense of taste is the most common symptom
4. Ho610f Wallate papillae with taste buds, human t.s. *
 An important organ of immune defence in the throat
5. Ho233e Tonsil (Tonsilla palatina), human t.s.
 Structure of the lower respiratory tract
6. Ho214f Trachea, human t.s.
7. Ho220e Bronchus of lung, human, t.s.
8. Ho216e Lung, human, sec. routine stained
9. Ma217d Lung of cat, t.s. stained for elastic fibres
 Frequent secondary infection with severe courses or previous diseases
10. 9218e Influenzal pneumonia

The prerequisite for perfect preparations is a properly fixed and preserved starting material followed by a complex and difficult manufacturing process.
Due to the meticulously executed work steps the lifetime of Lieder’s microscopic preparations their durability reaches approximately 20 (twenty) years, provided that the preparations are stored in a cool and dark place and stored in horizontal position.

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