Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. – Our New Affiliate!

We proudly announce that the Afrika -Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. (German – African Business Association) has joined Worlddidac.

This strategic partnership will foster closer collaboration between the member networks of both organisations, strengthening economic ties and promoting educational exchange.

The German-African Business Association (Afrika-Verein) has supported companies in their business activities on the African continent for almost 90 years. The German-African Business Association is a non-profit organisation with over 550 members, mainly from Germany but also includes European and African companies, institutions, and private individuals. It represents around 85 % of German businesses active in Africa – across all sectors, from start-ups to DAX-listed companies. With its excellent network, the German-African Business Association promotes communication between German and African representatives from business and government. In Germany, it is the first point of contact for business information and arranging contacts. In addition, the association hosts events in various formats almost every week – from cross-sector business conferences to country-specific business talks – as well as business missions to African target markets. The German-African Business Association has an outstanding network in African countries.

African partner organisations, a reliable network of honorary representatives on-site, and the members’ competence combined with the association’s decades of experience ensure excellent business contacts. At regular meetings and consultations, it represents the interests and concerns of the member companies to policymakers at the state, federal, and European levels and high-ranking government representatives from Africa. The German-African Business Association regularly takes a stand on issues of importance to African policy and strives to influence conditions to help the German industry succeed on the African continent.

Africa is seen as a continent of opportunity. The association also advocates an opportunity-oriented African policy and increased political awareness of the African continent. Making even more companies aware of the continent’s concrete options and helping them enter markets – that’s what drives the German-African Business Association!