Alliance Didactique is a new Affiliate of Worlddidac

Created in 2015, Alliance Didactique is an association that brings together a large part of French companies which develop and manufacture didactic equipment in STEM or TVET specialities for technical universities/ high schools and vocational training centres, all of that in a constant search of excellence, in collaboration with the education actors.

Its mission:
• Ensure the promotion of the branch,
• Find educational solutions by sectors
• Define the evolutions of jobs and new skills needed in about 5/10 years.

Members of Alliance Didactique are primarily French companies which develop and manufacture didactic equipment in e-technology.

Jean Sancerre, President of Alliance Didactique commented: “Education and Learning work across a range of countries and contexts; to be a member of the Worlddidac allows to participate in the  discussions about developments of business skills and dynamic evolution of the labour force market. In our opinion, Worlddidac is the only international association that can help our members to promote their products worldwide and assist them in entering non-French speaking markets.

Danny Gauch, Director General of Worlddidac added: “We are happy and proud to welcome Alliance Didactique to the Worlddidac family of Affiliates. This an important step to intensify our partnership with French leading and strongly growing education technology providers”.


18.04.2018, ks