Anticipating and Preparing for Emerging Skills and Jobs

– ADB-Springer publication

It is my pleasure to share with you our newly released publication Anticipating and Preparing for Emerging Skills and Jobsco-edited with Rupert Maclean from the School of Education in Melbourne’s RMIT University.
This seven-part book collects some 40 articles by eminent policymakers, practitioners, and researchers, many of whom you will know, and discusses how today’s education and training systems and practices need to be transformed to realize the 21st century and Industry 4.0 skills needed in the modern, globalized, post-COVID-19 world.
The articles tackle issues ranging from education reforms from the primary level upwards, how to best apply EdTech, active aging through active learning, to education for sustainable development. It couples the discussion with case studies of successful education and schooling programs and approaches in various countries across the Asia and Pacific region. 
In conclusion, we provide seven recommendations: 

  1. Rethink education and training to meet industry needs
  2. Customize education for different learners to build a strong foundation
  3. Create public-private partnerships to provide modern-economy skills
  4. Build higher-level skills to spur innovation and entrepreneurship mindsets
  5. Use EdTech to better deliver quality education
  6. Reduce skills mismatches through technology platforms
  7. Make education the key to ensure sustainable development 

Asian Development Bank

Book Cover: Anticipating and Preparing for Emerging Skills and Jobs – Key Issues, Concerns, and Prospects by Barjesh Panth, Rupert Maclean