Arctic Education Forum 2020 – Affiliate News

February 18-20 2020

PINO Network with over 60 members has been set up to showcase the overall offering in the field of education in order to help Finnish educational institutions and companies to widen their global reach. Currently, they have a great variety of high quality products and solutions for both educational content and infrastructure and they can build the best learning environments. As a part of wide range of activities, PINO Network is organizing the most insightful Finnish education event from the 18th to
20th of February 2020 in Oulu, Finland.

Welcome to explore the Finnish education system as a whole! Get the latest insight into different learning environments and top-notch offerings while enjoying the purest nature and snowy landscape. Arctic Education Forum is the perfect event for everyone in the education field to dive into the pedagogical matters of 21st century education. Arctic Education Forum will also share information about the latest innovations, the role of entrepreneurship in studies and the various learning environments. Besides the PINO Network member universities and colleges, they also showcase the excellent offering of 60 expert companies – do come and see!

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Registration is open. Please note that there are limited places available at this event.

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