Speakers of the Arctic Education Forum 2020

The speakers of Arctic Education Forum 2020 have now been announced:

Keynote Speakers

Speaker of the Arctic Education Forum, Danny Gauch

Mr Danny Gauch is the Director General of Worlddidac Association.

Mr Gauch’s passion is in the field of education, the use of new technologies to create new ways of teaching, to define improved training and skills development methodologies and state of the art training equipment. He is in his element when collaborating and networking with local and international stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial goals, creating better experiences, deeper relationships, embracing ongoing change and development, striving for continuous improvement.

Speaker of the Arctic Education Forum, Olli-Pekka Heinonen

Mr Olli-Pekka Heinonen is the Director General at the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Before his current position he worked as a State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance of Finland. He has been responsible as a State Secretary of the portfolios of Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development. He has also acted as a State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office and was responsible for organising and leading the Prime Minister’s Office.

Speaker of the Arctic Education Forum, Juha Ala-Mursula

Mr. Juha Ala-Mursula is the Executive Director of the Economic Development at BusinessOulu. He has extensive experience in innovation and international business development in managerial positions both in global business as well as in public sector.

He’s been managing the Economic and Employment Development Agency of the City of Oulu with 150 employees since 2010.  He actively participates in national and international collaboration and liaises with ministries, economic, business and innovation organisations, research, entrepreneurial agencies and companies.


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Arctic Education Forum

Arctic Education Forum February 18-20 2020

Registration is open. Please note that there are limited places available at this event.

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