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Image 1:
Electrical drives system

The latest edition of the 2023 „Technical Training Systems – Practical Engineering” Asti Automation Catalogue is now available at:

It includes almost 300 pieces of equipment, systems and integrated solutions for supporting quality vocational training and higher education.

We support customers from technical colleges, universities and industry training centres with a wide range of products and services, in-stock availability and expert advisory for industrial automation, robotics and mechatronics. The range includes various structured offerings that cover:

  • Basic trainers: provide ready, safe and accessible in-classroom usage of industrial automation hardware such as sensors, drive units, communication units, PLCs and HMIs;
  • Integrated systems: linking together basic trainers into functional solutions for more advanced hands-on configuration and programming demonstrators;
  • Complex solutions such as Electrical Drives System (Image 1) , PROSIM V+ PLC Training Platform (photo 2), ASTANK2 – Control Engineering Platform (photo3) and Integrated CPS Flexible Assembly Line (image 4), with rich documentation and examples for turnkey and proficient training experiences;
  • Services for technical course design and delivery, training laboratory planning and consulting.
Image 2:
PROSIM V+ PLC Training Platform
Image 3
ASTANK2 Control Engineering Platform
Image 4:
Smart-Flexible-Assembly-Training-System – CPS-integrated


Asti Automation is a specialist in industrial automation with more than 30 years of experience in serving industries in the oil & gas, automotive, food, chemical, and electronics sector and public authorities managing their urban facilities. With its advanced technologies, Asti Automation serves not only its industry clients. Still, it develops didactic solutions for vocational education and education in higher educational institutes and training facilities. With its experience, expertise and knowledge, Asti Automation is improving the quality of learning at colleges and universities in the Romanian market. It is also active in the export market, supporting colleges and universities in the entire EMEA Area, Africa and SE Asia. Asti Automation is a WorldDidac GOLD member and the only Siemens SCE partner in Eastern Europe.


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