Bareeq Al-Lujain Co. LTD

Bareeq Al-Lujain Co., LTD. making huge investments at the beginning of 2018 in order to develop the educational and industrial sectors in Iraq, we participated and we sponsored most of the  important conferences and exhibitions, which were held in Mosul’s Universities (liberated area) for the period 23-26 April, we had a booth in this exhibition to present our partners products and show our company capabilities to go along with this rehabilitee projects, our company was keen to participate in these exhibitions in order to contribute to the rehabilitation of these universities after the past years of terrorist operations , the images below showed our efforts in this events:

We have a lot of projects is under preparation, where we working with several international organizations to attract grants to Mosul’s Universities due to the size of the destruction and devastation fall in it as the images below showed:


Submitted by

Eng. Sahar Ali

Info Department