Bareeq AL-Lujain Co., LTD returns to Al- Anbar University and Erbil International Fair


Bareeq AL-Lujain Co., LTD. has made a lot of marketing activities from the beginning of this year to promote their well-known partners in all Iraqi regions.  We participated and  sponsored some of the important conferences and exhibitions.

One of these national exhibition was organized at Al-Anbar University in Al-Anbar Province from 18th   – 22nd  April to support the post-war reconstruction in the liberated areas.  During the exhibition we presented both products of our long-standing partners and the capabilities of our company to support rehabilitee projects.

The images below show our efforts in this event:




The last exhibition that we participated in was Iraq’s second edition of the exhibition for the construction and reconstruction of the liberated areas of terrorism. The exhibition was organized from  15th  – 17th  May in Erbil at the Erbil International Fair.  We presented our company in a shared booth with our German partner Lucas Nulle GmbH which allowed us to meet a lot of people in charge and discuss the best ways to cooperate on and start projects in these areas:




Article submitted by:

Eng. Sahar Ali, Bareeq Al-lujain Co., LTD.