Bareeq Al-Lujain: Introducing New Training Opportunities

The successes of our company in the field of providing and equipping the labs has been recently crowned by the establishing of a new training centre for supplementing the company’s work. Herewith the students have the possibility to develop their abilities and skills in several different engineering fields in addition to administration areas and quality.
The opening ceremony was attended by a group of representatives concerned with education and the industry, as well as the representatives of Ministries and other important state institutions.

Opening event of our new training center
(Bareeq Al-Lujain For full technological and industrial solutions)


Another highlight in the last few weeks was the participation in the Fifth E-Learning Forum. The two-days-long conference was organized at the University of Baghdad in November 2017. Bareeg Al-Lujain participated in the E-Learning Forum as a golden sponsor. Our company booth has got a great deal of public attention which has turned out as an excellent catalyzer for participation in several further exhibitions and seminars which are going to be held this month.


  Part of our participation in the E-Learning Forum