Beyond the “Frontal Instruction Model”



Frontal instruction still maintains a great influence on school education, but different researches push for replacing this method. In the last several years in Italian schools, new teaching strategies are starting to spread. They provide for the organization of team work (in vertical and horizontal aggregations) in which students have an active role in the learning process. This new school concept is based on the idea that a child can really learn efficiently if the environment around him makes him feel at ease, completely free to master learning in the new spaces. In this cooperative system, Montessori pedagogy becomes very important; it is based on the choice of each student of his own education (within fixed limits) and on the respect for the natural, psychological and social development of a singular child. This new idea of school also needs a new school equipment project; furnishings have to be innovative enough, to respond perfectly to this modern model. We have realized that there is the necessity to think about new furniture that can suit the different needs.

Article submitted by:

Marco Canazza, Mobilferro srl