Building skills for a sustainable, energy-efficient future

Turning sun, wind and water into clean energy, electrifying transports and industry, modernizing electric power grids, safeguarding water quality, increasing energy efficiency: these are concrete ways to make the world healthier, fairer, and more sustainable. Success lies on the qualification of the people who drive innovation and implement changes.

“Sustainability and energy efficiency are major challenges for our generation and all industries. When it comes to technical education, it’s important to make professionals aware of this and empower them for it,” says Dr. Hans Jörg Stotz, Member of the Management Board of Festo Didactic.

As a world leading learning solutions provider with a strong corporate responsibility, Festo Didactic enables people to build a more sustainable, energy-efficient world through life-long technical education. In doing so, we are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN). In the newly released Sustainability Report from Festo, Festo Didactic provides information on concrete undertakings and commitments related to several topics such as technical education in schools, green skills, digital learning and lifelong learning, WorldSkills partnership, and education projects in emerging countries.

Festo Didactic provides relevant and practical solutions to qualify future and current workers in key technical areas, such as wind and sun power generation, electric power grids, lighting systems, building automation, electric car charging station, wastewater treatment, electric drives and controls, and more.

The world speeds ahead of an electric future. Festo Didactic strengthens and expands its offering, especially in the field of electrical engineering. “Just as they revolutionized the industrial world, digitalization and technologies are set to make the future energy landscape more sustainable and efficient”, says Michel Lessard, Head of Product Unit Electrical Engineering at Festo Didactic. He concludes: “We are committed to support educators in the preparation of an energy-skilled workforce. We are more than ready to ride the waves of energy transformation and continue our quest for sustainability – are you?”

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