China and Russia experience the latest developments in Augmented Reality training


Industrial and Educational companies and institutions had a chance to know how AR is disrupting their industries

The end of 2018 brought the latest developments in Augmented Reality training to China and Russia. These events counted in top-level speakers from different countries and made it possible to gather a great community of professionals, institutions and companies using Augmented Reality to enhance skills and vocational training.

The 1st Augmented Training China International Congress was held in the city of Zhuzhou and brought together near a hundred people. The Congress took off with the conjunction of Augmented Reality (AR), Education and Industry, and the potential of an education ecosystem based on the AR technology.

The topic then moved on to how AR vocational training solutions are already enhancing different industries and companies. The event counted on two success stories of Soldamatic Augmented Training being implemented in China and Germany.

Moving on to Russia, the event was organized in Moscow by our partners from Rutector and discussed the latest developments and improvements in welding training. The presentations approached the relevance of Vocational Educational Training (VET) for young people and how the latest AR developments are already changing welding training in Russia and Germany.

The event counted on a demonstration of Soldamatic Augmented Training and its new developments, and it also focused on the digitalization of theoretical welding training. You can take a look at the events in the following pictures:

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Leonardo Hermoso