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Web Based Trainings are our interactive learning programmes that allow learning content to be taught via the internet. They enable computer-based communication and cooperation between participants, trainees and trainers. With the Web Based Trainings, the basics in the fields of metal technology and automotive technology can be taught interactively, digitally, and individually.

The Web Based Trainings consist of topic-specific modules that contain complete learning units in manageable blocks of at most 90 minutes. Each module ends with a check of the learning objective which allows the trainee to reflect and evaluate whether the new knowledge can be applied.

The trainees control their learning more independently, while also being supported by a motivating media platform that adapts to their individual needs. This relieves the trainer of routine tasks and allows time to be dedicated to more targeted learning.


  • Interactive and independent learning
  • Communication between trainer and participants
  • Content is prepared in manageable blocks
  • Trainees learn independently
  • Saves time for the trainer

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About Christiani

Christiani stands for quality in technical training and further training for 90 years now. We develop specialist books, courses and didactic documents for our teaching systems and as well as training devices for interesting, varied training and further training. Our close, long-term relationships with companies from industry and trade, associations and institutions ensure that we are always at the forefront of technology in education.

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