Christiani Success Story: In-company Training Courses and Digital Learning – Technology and Didactics from a Single Source

The Egger Group and Christiani – a strong international partnership

Wood is one of the most beautiful, diverse, and sustainable raw materials from nature. The history of mankind would not be conceivable without wood. Yesterday and today, the raw material wood with a differentiated value chain can be found in almost every area of life.

The Austrian EGGER Group is a pioneer and global group in the wood processing industry. Since 1961, the family-owned company has been based in St. Johann in Tyrol and employs 9600 people at 19 locations in 9 countries.

The productive use of wood has required professional qualifications and competencies for thousands of years. Numerous occupational profiles have emerged around the timber industry, which is constantly being modernised in the age of digitisation.

Qualification of skilled workers in the timber industry – with Christiani

The EGGER Group offers numerous training courses for commercial, industrial, and technical professions for its own development and securing of skilled workers. The EGGER Group and Christiani have been working closely together in technical education and training for many years – wood and technical professionals’ hand in hand.

The technical training at the German EGGER sites in Wismar and Brilon is carried out in the most modern metal and electrical rooms, which were significantly equipped by Christiani – technology and didactics from a single source. For technical training at the Egger Group’s worldwide locations, didactic materials for in-company courses and project work have recently been translated into English and French. Christiani courses create the connection between theory and practice hand in hand.

In use at EGGER is training content in the basics for electrical and metal technology among other things. The in-company courses, such as the basics of electrical engineering – Part 1, deal in detail with the skills in accordance with the training frameworks for electrical occupations. Christiani courses create a combination of theory and practice from a single source.

It also provides access to digital content through the Christiani Learning App. The app provides access to all solutions, slide sets, evaluation sheets, bills of materials, etc. and every trainee at the Egger locations can work on it with a tablet. In addition to the courses, Christiani has also supplied examination material. Christiani is a full-service provider in training and accompanies its partners from the first year of apprenticeship to the final examination.

The Best Fit for your Training Needs – Customised Technical Training Labs

As single-source provider Christiani accompanies you during all stages of the planning and implementation process until we can provide a turn-key technical training lab solution. From consulting to requirements analysis, planning, design, implementation, and train-the-trainer courses, you get everything from one single source.

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Success Story written by: Markus Milwa

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