Claned certified by Kokoa Standard for high educational quality

The world leading online learning solution, Claned, has received certifications from Kokoa Education Standard-Finland for high quality in pedagogy and usability in supporting lifelong learning.

“To date Claned’s solution has reached clients in 28 countries and users already in 60 countries. The Kokoa Certification positions us firmly in the world leading solutions for personalized learning that can support its users at different stages of education and professional development,” says Vesa Perälä, Founder of Claned.

Claned is an adaptive online learning platform which promotes the development of lifelong learning skills. It supports in real-time how individuals can learn better. It personalizes learning to each individual improving their study motivation and learning results.

It is cloud-based and combines artificial intelligence, real-time learning analytics and Finnish pedagogy, giving insights to study performance, orientation and motivation. It benefits educational institutions, companies and individuals alike.

According to Kokoa’s evaluation reports, Claned’s certified product excels in powerful pedagogical approach and learner engagement. Kokoa report highlights especially the following quality aspects:

  • Claned is an ideal tool for gathering all personal learning materials and making them interactive through implementing social features, note taking features and features to track own progression.
  • In order to develop lifelong learning skills, the user is required to follow their own progress with the aim to analyze and understand what choices affect their own development.
  • As teachers can modify learning paths and tailor the learning activities, based on student’s ambition level and skills, the solution promotes an adaptive learning experience.
  • Social features promote self-reflection and building deeper understanding as communication requires understanding things in order to be able to talk about them.

 Source: Kokoa Standard Report, October 2018

Claned’s intelligent learning solution has to date won 8 international titles, such as the EdTech Award for Adaptive Technology Solution 2018, EdTechReview Award for The Best E-Learning Company 2018, GESAward for Artificial Intelligence 2017, TechEdvocate Best Learning Analytics Award 2017, Talented Learning LMS Award 2017, EdTech Digest Awards 2017, GESS Education Awards 2017, and as the latest, the Worlddidac Award 2018. It has also been selected as the Top 10 Personalized Learning Startups to Watch in 2018.

Since its start in 2013, Claned has grown into an international team of experts and has offices in Helsinki, New York, Singapore and Mumbai.

Kokoa Standard and Evaluation Method
Kokoa is a Finnish education standard agency performing scientific evaluations to ensure teachers and learners in the world have the best possible learning tools. Applicants have to go through academic and education psychological assessments developed by Kokoa with Finnish university researchers. Kokoa is also in the Finnish National Agency for Education’s official program and the recipient of 2018 BETT Asia Innovations Award for its evaluation methodologies.

Kokoa Evaluation Method is an academically sound approach to evaluating a product’s pedagogical design from the viewpoint of educational psychology. The method has been developed with university researchers and all evaluators are carefully selected teachers with a master’s degree in education.