Claned – Finnish learning platform challenging the world to learn better

Traditional learning solutions are not delivering what students and teachers expect and need. They facilitate top-down instruction delivered by professional teachers; they do not address the challenges of locating relevant expertise to help management and organizing teacher-free peer to peer learning and transfer of expertise.

Vesa Perälä, the founder of Claned Group says: “In recent years, websites allowing anyone to teach a skill have grown in popularity. Before that, online universities and free class offerings opened the world of higher education to a much broader audience. But these aren’t the only disruptions to education.”

“We want to challenge the world to learn better. We believe students from all over the world should be able to choose what they learn, how they learn and when they learn, according to their individual needs and interests. That is the mission of Claned – making education accessible and personalised for all, and everyone to learn better.”

Claned learning solution gathers data about student interaction with the learning space and aggregates that data to show student performance, learning orientation, and characteristics which can then be used as feedback by teachers. With this data, teachers can tailor their behavior based on student needs for the most effective education for all. In personalized education, the instructor’s role has changed to one of designing, orchestrating, and supporting learning experiences (online and those within classrooms and laboratories) rather than requiring all students to listen to the same lectures and complete the same homework in the same sequence and at the same pace. This enables students to learn the required material by building and following their own learning paths.

Perälä continues: “Because learning is deepest with guidance and interaction, the content and tools should be collaborative. Research shows that immediate and personalized feedback from automated online learning systems is beneficial to students’ learning. This understanding has been built into Claned, too.”

Artificial intelligence and Finnish pedagogy working together

Claned is the unique combination of academically validated pedagogy i.e. learning theories and artificial intelligence (machine learning algorithms). When users study on Claned learning environment, the solution learns to understand what factors impact the learning of different individuals. Claned therefore understands how learners learn. The more interaction there is by the user, the more data Claned gathers and then returns to the users in form of actionable recommendations of learning content, study buddies and mentors. Claned uses the gathered knowledge on which factors impact the learning to make personalized recommendation and to form personalized learning paths to any individual.

Users in 15 countries

Education organizations, such as Helsinki University, Imperial College, Catholic Education of Western Australia, United Nation’s Staff College, University of Oulu, Royal College of Art, University of Helsinki, Reva University and Zurich City Business School are already its clients. Other clients include European Olympic Committee, Microsoft, City of Helsinki in Finland, Lenovo, Vinsys, WhiteBoard, Nrityanjali and Globarena.

Company founders and locations

Claned Group is an education technology (EdTech) company, founded in 2013 raised seed funding in April 2013 and started the development of Claned, an open, personal learning environment in June 2013. Today, Claned has 30 team members and head office in Helsinki, Finland, as well as representation in London, New York, Mumbai and Singapore.

Claned is the winner of Worlddidac Award 2016, and 2017 Honoree for EdTech Digest Awards and Finalist for GESS Education Awards. It has been named as the Top 10 Companies to Disrupt Edtech in 2017. Follow us at Twitter @Claned_

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