Creating a learning environment for green education with Festo

The concept of green education is getting traction all over the world. It aims at instilling green thinking in students’ minds and engaging them in a pro-environmental behavior in their personal and professional lives. The quest for sustainability is a burning global issue for governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals, therefore an increasing number of institutions and organizations are integrating green topics into their curricula and programs.

ROC Friese Poort, a Dutch vocational school, is a good example of a successful green education project. Its Center for Sustainability sparks curiosity and familiarizes future professionals with renewable and energy efficiency-related topics; a cornerstone of the center is the Sustainable House.

With the help of modern learning installations, students learn about the latest green technologies and devices that contribute to sustainability for homes and buildings. “Thanks to these installations, students get a real deepening of their knowledge,” says Mark Vos, Coordinating teacher at the Center for Sustainability.

Each installation has a QR code that students can scan and get work orders directly on their phones. The workspace is also equipped with high-tech de­vices, for instance, solar panels and even a machine that simulates the operation of a wind turbine. Ultimately, the goal of the Sustainable House is to create a broad view of green practices and ensure that stu­dents have enough know-how to work with a mix of renewable energy generators.

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