Custom-made: Units and Pilot Plants from EDIBON INTERNATIONAL, S.A.

What do custom-made Pilot plants consist of?

The Pilot Plant is a small-scale processing plant designed to obtain information that can be used in industrial scale processes. It allows carrying out feasibility studies of designs and processes on an industrial scale, thus reducing the cost of the initial investment.

At the moment, simulators are available for the study of processes. However, simulators do not allow for predicting behavior or obtaining data from new processes in order to optimize them. Therefore, having a Pilot Plant related to the study or work process offers multiple advantages over simulators.

A clear example of this is the recent collaboration of EDIBON with IG-CSIC, dependent on The Spanish National Research Council, CSIC (The National Spanish Institute for Investigation), with the installation of the Advanced Computer Controlled Deodorizing Unit (AEDC/A). The AEDC/A allows the study of the deodorization process, stripping undesirable compounds from edible oils

Pilot plant done for Instituto de la Grasa-CSIC

What do custom-made units consist of?

We consider “a unit” as a unitary process.

We can offer custom-made units to any potential customer that wishes a custom-made design, and/or with particular unit characteristics.

Our R&D department offers a quick solution with 100% guaranteed success to any customer who needs a custom-made unit for:

Conducting research
as part of a large industrial project
As part of a larger official research project
As part of a larger official research project

EDIBON guarantees full success, due to our long experience in designing units with SCADA CONTROL and offers the following possibilities:

New redesign: Unit size larger or smaller than the one developed already by EDIBON.

Special redesign: Units that require special materials, as the ones already developed by EDIBON

New design: Units that require another range of parameters: the SCADA SYSTEM will be new, units that require new parameters (sensors) to be included or added to the available EDIBON units, the Unitary Process already designed by EDIBON can be modified.

FULL new design: If the customer wishes a custom-made product and we do not have the exact process in our product range already, we can design a new process in full accordance with the customer requirements.

Here are some examples:

  • New design done from theoretical research for New York University

ESHC (4×2) Computer Controlled Hydrologic Systems, Rain Simulator and Irrigation Systems Unit, 4 x 2 m
  • New design done from an industry/domestic product for Universidad del País Vasco

TRD2PC. Computer Controlled Two Doors Domestic Refrigeration Unit, with SCADA


EDIBON INTERNATIONAL, S.A. is a designer and manufacturer of Technical Teaching and Research Equipment in the field of Engineering, with the Most Advanced Technology and optimized instructive techniques.

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