DOSTI Skills Almaty 2024 Celebrates Robotics and Technology

From May 29 to June 7, the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan witnessed a convergence of talent, creativity, and cutting-edge technology at the DOSTI SKILLS ALMATY 2024 Championship. The driving force behind this event, the DOSTI Innovation Center, has long been committed to excellence in robotics, electronics, and embedded systems. Based in Kazakhstan, DOSTI Innovation Center is dedicated to fostering individual development and nurturing a new generation of tech-savvy professionals. Their extensive programs and facilities are designed to equip learners with the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Hosted at the Eurasian Technological University, this event was a significant milestone for technical education and vocational training, bringing together participants from across Kazakhstan and beyond. This event welcomed participants from the National Operator of WSK NAO “Talap”, Eurasian Technological University, international WorldSkills associations as well as winners of the Republican Championship WSK 2023 and the WorldSkills Kazakhstan 2024 Regional Championships. The Studica Robotics team was also on hand to assist in training, organizing, and officiating the events.

DOSTI Skills Almaty 2024

Designed to promote technical skills to various age groups and educational levels, DOSTI Skills Almaty 2024 also focused on training and preparing the experts and participants involved in WorldSkills Kazakhstan. The event featured master classes, training sessions, and international training under the Industrial Championship banner, focusing on Electronics, Autonomous Mobile Robotics, and Prototype Modeling.

The event offered hands-on experiences in electronics systems, designing and creating prototypes, and showcasing device interconnectivity with the Internet of Things (IoT). It explored Autonomous Mobile Robotics using the WorldSkills Lyon 2024 Autonomous Mobile Robotics Collection, exclusively available from Studica Robotics. This is the authorized collection for the WorldSkills Autonomous Mobile Robotics Competition that will be held during the 47th WorldSkills Competition in Lyon, France, this September. Participants explored how robots can be created and programmed to perform and navigate tasks without human intervention.

Fostering Technological Expertise

The DOSTI SKILLS ALMATY 2024 Championship was a successful initiative for Kazakhstan. The event achieved its mission of further advancing knowledge of robotics, electronics, and embedded systems as it emphasized the importance of technical education and hands-on experience.

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