EDIBON is committed to green hydrogen, the energy of the future.

At EDIBON we consider green hydrogen to be a great opportunity for the future, as due to its advantages, it can be used in almost all sectors that currently depend on fossil fuels, from the domestic and mobility sector to the industrial sector, completely transforming the way energy is obtained.

Green hydrogen is a 100% sustainable technology, with easy storage and transport due to the lightness of the hydrogen molecule. This technology offers great versatility and can be transformed into electricity or other synthetic fuels for mobility, commercial and industrial use, with great potential to complete the transition from a fossil fuel-based industry to a green, environmentally friendly and highly efficient industry.

Hydrogen is not a primary energy source but an energy carrier, it requires a chemical process for its production. Green hydrogen is generated by a chemical process known as electrolysis. This method uses electric power to break the water molecule, generating hydrogen and oxygen in the process. There are different electrolytic technologies, mainly divided into four types: conventional alkaline electrolysis, protonated polymer membrane electrolysis (PEM), anion exchange polymer membrane electrolysis (AEM) and solid state electrolysis (SOE).

Green hydrogen generation currently accounts for only 0.1% of overall hydrogen production. This way of obtaining green hydrogen would save the 830 million tons of CO2 per year that are generated when this gas is produced by fossil fuels. EDIBON is therefore firmly committed to the development and optimization of this technology with great potential for transforming the industrial sector.

From EDIBON we have detected the great potential that the use of green hydrogen implies in the future, thanks to our great experience in the educational sector, using the most advanced technology for more than 40 years, we have developed different units that allow its study in depth and demonstrate its technical principles of operation, such as the Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Application (AEL-SAPV), the Photovoltaic Systems Application in Isolated and Parallel Grids (AEL-PHIP), Computer Controlled Geothermal (low enthalpy) Energy Unit (EG5C), Photovoltaic Application with Connection to Grid (AEL-PHVG).

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