EDIBON – part of the MOF4AIR project.

The intense decarbonisation of global energy systems is an ongoing process, but faster results would be achieved if atmospheric carbon were captured. Adsorption processes are promising, but to proceed with their use it is necessary to study, test and adapt them to current needs using modern technologies.

To do this, at EDIBON, thanks to the MOF4AIR tender for the treatment of CO2 in industry, we are going to manufacture three Pilot Plants that will be installed in 3 model countries (Turkey, France and Norway) With the treatment of MOF (Metallic Organic Frameworks) it will be possible to greatly reduce CO2 emissions from the most polluting plants in Europe.

At EDIBON, we are very proud to be able to contribute to the fight against climate change. This great project is further proof that innovation and the future must go together.

We are continuously improving for being able to offer the best quality and innovative technology Technical Teaching Equipment.

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Edibon is a worldwide benchmark company, with 40 years of experience in teaching equipment for engineering and technical education. Our strategy based on continuous Research and Development (R&D) allows us to have nowadays more than 4,000 products developed and designed by us, manufactured with the most advanced technology and complying with international quality standards. Thanks to our human resources and their knowledge, we can offer a personalized and comprehensive service that covers the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and advice of all our products, thus offering a guarantee of success and full satisfaction to our customers.

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Aleksandra Piwonska

EDIBON International, S.A