EDIBON Quality & Warranties

 In EDIBON there is a great interest in quality and good management. Proof of this are our many Quality Certificates, applicable to the design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service of Technical Teaching Equipment.

Now, we are very proud to announce that we have been recently recognized with the Certificate of Approval of the Information Security System. This certificate is applicable to the design, marketing, manufacture, and after-sales service of teaching units, according to ISO 27001. This certificate aims to protect the information that is managed in organisations. Through the ISO 27001 standard, the risks derived from the use of information are minimized and the appropriate security controls are established. This certification is very important to us because it guarantees the security and effectiveness of the flow of information within our company.

The purchase of an EDIBON unit implies a great responsibility and commitment for us. For this reason, EDIBON offers EXCEPTIONAL GUARANTEES with every unit supplied.

We are continuously improving for being able to offer the best quality and innovative technology Technical Teaching Equipment.

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Edibon is a worldwide benchmark company, with 40 years of experience in teaching equipment for engineering and technical education. Our strategy based on continuous Research and Development (R&D) allows us to have nowadays more than 4,000 products developed and designed by us, manufactured with the most advanced technology and complying with international quality standards. Thanks to our human resources and their knowledge, we can offer a personalized and comprehensive service that covers the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and advice of all our products, thus offering a guarantee of success and full satisfaction to our customers.

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Aleksandra Piwonska

EDIBON International, S.A