Edibon (Spain)

An efficient laboratory in a university or vocational school improves the performance of the students and the understanding of concepts in a simple and quick way. It also allows the students to learn in a completely practical way that prepares them for the future.

At EDIBON we design fully customized laboratories that meet the needs of every educational establishment, being equipped with the latest technology available in the market and designed one hundred per cent by EDIBON technicians.

We can design tailor-made laboratories for many areas, from physics, electronics or chemistry to communications, fluid mechanics and environmental engineering. In this way, we help both teachers and students to learn and research in an effective way.

The students:

  • Enjoy a fast learning process.
  • Learn concepts clearly.
  • Save time and consolidate knowledge.

The teachers

  • Increase learning efficiency
  • Teach in an easy and intuitive way
  • Reduce costs, decreasing teaching time. 
  • Integrate theoretical and practical learning in the same classroom.

At EDIBON, we help to design the laboratory from the first phase, offering complete monitoring and service to get the most suitable configuration for the particular need of the client, under the advice of our R&D department.

All EDIBON laboratories can be expanded with exclusive expansions developed in-house.

After 40 years, we are delighted to continue offering solutions to universities and vocational schools from all around the world to obtain quality education.

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