EDIBON Technology for the Commitment to Renewable Hydrogen (GREEN H₂)

EDIBON is at the vanguard of the use of the most innovative technologies to design the equipment that allows knowing the processes by which they are governed. Currently, numerous international organizations are promoting the use of Hydrogen as an Energy Vector, especially Renewable Hydrogen (green Hydrogen) for use as fuel, both in industry, domestic and especially mobility. Your country has published its Hydrogen Roadmap, which focuses on a large investment in the development of various technologies based on Hydrogen from renewable sources. It is a clear commitment to sustainable development worldwide. Besides that, R&D projects focused on this technology are a priority.

EDIBON is a Spanish company specialized in designing and manufacturing engineering equipment with didactic and advanced research purposes. Our product portfolio range is over 4,000 equipment, distributed in 14 different areas. We are currently active in more than 150 countries. We are pioneers in computer controlled equipment with SCADA system, developed by EDIBON itself and in constant development of new units to adapt to new technological advances. We also manufacture custom-made equipment as per specific needs of research projects, as well as pilot plants for various processes.

We have solutions adapted to the Hydrogen Cycle, initially generated from renewable sources, as well as its use in the different mobility systems based on electricity and Hydrogen cells/batteries.
We are available to inform and clarify any EDIBON solution based on the renewable Hydrogen cycle, both for technical training and advanced research. We invite you to visit our website where you can get much more information about our company and especially about our technological solutions.

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Aleksandra Piwonska

EDIBON International, S.A