Education and training are the only way to move forward

Progress awaits no one and can be dizzying. Learning and understanding the new automotive technologies and how they work and interact with the different systems embedded into the vehicle, and acquiring the right skills to deal with them, is key to continue repairing. What is more, it is also crucial to be more time- and cost-effective to cement the future of the workshop. Education and training are the only way to become a good professional and to keep repairing vehicles.

In Grup Eina, we decipher all these new technologies and turn them into practical courses to enable professional repairers and the new generations to face their day-to-day work and their future with the maximum guarantee of success. Even if we prioritise training (70%), we firmly believe in education (30%), as learning the principles that rule over a vehicle is vital to enable students to think by themselves and out of the box. Could you imagine repairing an electrical vehicle without knowing the principles and rules of electricity? It could end up in the hospital!

In any case, from the basics to the more advanced courses, continued learning and training is a MUST for every single technician to go on. And we know that every student is different, but we also know that what they all have in common is that they all prefer to learn by doing or to learn by watching, especially automotive technicians, who are used to “feel” the car with their five sense!

Therefore, we developed two innovative ways of learning:

EinaTraining, our hands-on education and training concept using our own in-house developed GEDBox technology during face-to-face courses.

  • In EinaTraining, practice makes perfect. So, our training vehicles integrate the GEDBox, a real faults generator that allows students to immediately put their newly acquired knowledge and skills into practice in real-life scenarios. We also use parts and models to emulate the reality of the workshop.
  • The GEDBox technology is specially designed to carry out diagnostics and repairs on real vehicles. It can generate up to 28 real-life faults, which have been picked out from our call centre’s daily activity. In other words, 28 real-life faults requests submitted by professional repairers all around Europe to our technical advisors.
  • The device is integrated into the vehicle and connected to the different systems of the vehicle so that via Bluetooth the teacher can generate the relevant fault into the vehicle. The corresponding systems will fail, just as it would happen in real life, giving the students the opportunity to carry out real-life diagnostics and repairs, and to practise what they have just learnt. As real as it gets!
  • We are talking all of the time about students, but we also teach and train teachers and trainers from automotive technical centres, academies, and vocational schools to help them to stay up to date, and we rent and sell training vehicles to them so that they are able, in turn, to teach and train their students using real-life scenarios and real vehicles, whilst boosting students’ confidence and self-awareness. 

CampusEina, our e-learning platform based on visual learning and self-motivation.

  • When it comes to CampusEina, multimedia is the king. In general, students love to watch and/or to listen instead of reading boring long theoretical texts. However, as we said before, to learn the theory is vital. So, we made our courses as visual and as fun as possible. We provide them with 10.500+ video tutorials, animations and real-life diagrams and pictures, that will help them to understand and assimilate the new concepts better. We stimulate their visual learning as much as we can to make our courses effective, useful and student-friendly.  
  • Self-motivation is also essential, even more, when it comes to e-learning as students can feel alone and frustrated. Therefore, every course includes curiosities, practical tips and self-assessment tests to motivate students. Moreover, we provide them with a competency assessment test to guide them and help them to create their own learning path. They will be able to check where they are and what they need to learn to strengthen their weaknesses to become a perfect car service and maintenance professional.  
  • And they will never be alone! They can count on their tutor, who will be there for them to enrich their course with related news and interesting links, to answer to any questions, to keep an eye on their progress or to motivate them. They can also rely on their peers and share with them opinions and experiences on the forum of the course. In the end, CampusEina becomes a day-to-day tool and a meeting point for professional repairers.

As our mission is sharing our experience and expertise, in 2004 we signed an agreement with the Spanish Education Ministry to provide to 400 automotive vocational schools with training courses for their teachers to stay up to date. In addition, we provide them with training vehicles and subscriptions to CampusEina for teachers and students to learn and train with the most innovative learning technology and the latest contents. Since then, we collaborate with private academies as well, to complement their courses catalogues and/or to widen their educational resources for their courses.     

Face-to-face, online, or blended learning, students will get 150% ready to deal with their day-to-day work and the automotive challenges successfully.  

Cause when it comes to education and training, everyone wins. Let us move forward together, let us face the future challenges with a huge smile and smart concepts and tools! 

Article submitted by

Núria Pinent


Grup Eina