European Parliament installs LIVA Book Sterilizer

Public health officials are sounding the alarm over a resurgence of coronavirus cases in Europe. According to both British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the head of Germany’s disease agency, there would be a second wave of the pandemic in Europe. Johnson agreed that if people take precautions such as wearing face masks, washing hands, and maintaining physical distance would help to avoid the wave.

But on the other side, four EU member states currently have a crude incidence rate of over 40 cases per 100,000 population, according to stastics by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The physician and epidemiologist at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Arnold S. Monto thought there would be a stagnate phase during this summer. The data shows that it is an unexpected situation for everyone.

In response to the severe situation in Europe, the European Parliament in Brussels has introduced 2 units of LIVA Book Sterilizers.

The UV self-service Book Sterilizer is invented and manufactured by Evertree in Korea. With 10 years’ concentration, Evertree has made great breakthroughs. By independent research, Evertree extended the lifespan of the UV-C lamp to at least 15000 times on/off. The high quality and eye-catching appearance win popularity among libraries from all over the world.

The UV Book Sterilizer sanitizes books by ultraviolet irradiation. In the sterilization room, the UV-C lamps are scientifically laid out to sterilize the books in an all-around way. With the fan gently blowing open the books, the UV-C light can reach into the inside parts. Each page can be sterilized and the dust will be removed within 60 seconds of sterilization. Users can observe the whole process of sterilizing through the viewing window.

In order to prevent the books from being the carrier of diseases, effective measures have to be taken to sanitize the books. LIVA book sterilizer creates a healthy reading environment for readers. In the meantime, readers awareness of cherishing books will be cultivated.




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Luke Liu

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