Expand the pool of qualified wind turbine technicians

The growing importance of wind power generation requires enhanced training programs with a focus on practical skills development.

Wind turbine technicians are key workers in a more sustainable energy landscape.

A high-demand job profile around the world

To increase the share of renewables in the global energy mix, many governments, as well as industrial and electricity companies, turn to wind power and invest in offshore or onshore wind farms. Technical schools and colleges contribute to the long-term success of such investments by training a skilled workforce.

Employment for wind power technicians is projected to grow faster than average among all occupations over the coming decades. Schools must get ready to train more people and expand training facilities to meet the growing demand for wind turbine technicians.

Maximize students’ employability in the wind power industry

To support teaching and learning, several courses on the Festo Learning Experience digital portal specifically address training needs of future wind power technicians.

Course content and learning objectives align to real-world skills requirements and target core competencies: general knowledge about wind energy technology, logic of operation, electrical and mechanical safety, and electric power and electronics, as well as mechanics and hydraulics.

Courses cover the operation and maintenance of wind turbines, the connection to the electrical grid, as well as hydraulic or electrical pitch control.

Development of expertise through extensive experimentation

Hands-on exercises are designed to be performed on the didactic replica of real of the nacelle of a commercial wind turbine from Festo Didactic. Students prepare for real-world operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance situations in a practical and safe environment.

The exposed drive train allows students to extensively manipulate components and perform typical tasks. The system offers realistic, interactive wind simulations for an enhanced learning experience.

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