Festo and WorldSkills Africa Swakopmund 2022

Vocational Championships

WorldSkills Namibia will host the WorldSkills Africa Competition 2022 in Swakopmund from March 28 to April 2, 2022. The cooperation agreement with WorldSkills Africa, the Namibia Training Authority and Festo South Africa was signed in a virtual ceremony last month.

Sustainable Future

Festo strongly believes that young people have better opportunities on the job market through technical vocational education and training. With their skills, they can improve the productivity of companies and shape a sustainable future. Young people are the skilled workers of tomorrow and a country’s best resource. That is why Festo is particularly pleased to support WorldSkills Africa Swakopmund 2022 with experience and equipment.

Experience and Technical Equipment

As a Global Partner (GP) of WorldSkills, Festo supports both the competition itself with its long-term experience as well as the technical disciplines Mechatronics and Water Technology with technical competition equipment.

Four African countries, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, and Namibia are sending their teams for the Mechatronics competition discipline. Their challenge is to build up a mechatronic system from the component to the plant: this includes the wiring and tubing of pneumatic and electropneumatic components, the installation of sensors, programming of the system and finally the successful commissioning. The competitors work on the Festo Didactic learning solution Modular Production System MPS.

Two African countries, South Africa and Namibia are sending their teams to compete in the Water Technology discipline. Clean water is a vital resource for people and industry. In the wake of climate change, the need for trained and specialized water and wastewater technicians is very high. The Festo Didactic learning systems Edukit PA basic, EDS Wastewater Treatment station and a functional module gate valve will be used during this competition.

Hands-on Technology for Youngsters

The Namibia event will be exciting not only for the participants but also for school children who attend the competitions. Festo is sparking interest in technical topics already among the little ones. Therefore, the Bionic Flower, a robotic flower based on phenomena in nature, and the MecLab, a mechatronic construction kit, can be tried out on the Festo booth.

Additionally, WorldSkills Africa 2022 will feature Try’aSkill. Try’aSkill is an interactive program that allows young people from various schools to try their hand at various skill and trade areas. Try’aSkill Mechatronics: The exercise allows you to write a scratch program for a MecLab conveyor belt system. Try’aSkill Water Technology: the exercises teach a Wastewater treatment by means of a sand filtration system and testing of water conductivity (Salinity) with a Multimeter.

Worldwide Standards

The WorldSkills vocational championships also serve to harmonize the standards of the TVET qualification. This enables to compare competencies on a global level and foster worldwide competition. As a Global Industry Partner, Festo also provides equipment for the skills Mechatronics, Water Technology and Industry 4.0 to the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 competition.

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