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Fascination “Bird flight” – hands-on learning experience for Secondary Educationure of learning

Bionics is a source of inspiration and an interdisciplinary topic to engage youngsters in STEAM (Science, Technology,  Engineering, Arts, Math) Education. It can be integrated into subjects such as biology, maths, computer science and technology or even at out-of-classroom activities. In our upcoming digital course on Festo LX, students learn the basics of bird flight and the working principle of flapping wings in a playful way. Natural science and technology-related topics, such as the fascination of bird flight, lightweight construction, energy efficiency and aerodynamics can be taught by means of a project-based learning approach with hands-on experience which ideally show the parallels between nature and technology.

Practical learning with a project-based learning approach

The robotic bird is inspired by the swift and designed for general technical education. The work tasks for the students include: assembling the wings and the tail using carbon rods and feathers made of a high-tech foam material, mounting these to the drive assembly and fuselage, commissioning the robotic bird with the remote control and finally, the fun can begin with practical testing.

The experimental set contains all materials for assembling and operating the Bionic Swift. It is suitable for learners from the age of 15. Previous knowledge of model flight is an advantage, but nut not a must.

The Bionic Swift Experimental Set is currently under development. The stock availability is planned for Q4 / 2021.

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