Festo Didactic: Competency-based qualification for the Mechatronics Technician with MPS 400

Competencies in transition

New technologies are changing industrial practice and with it the skills that workers need to acquire today numerous job roles, such as the mechatronics technician, are undergoing a significant change in terms of their underlying competency profiles. This creates the need to integrate emerging topics such as IT security, energy efficiency and machine learning into basic technical education without neglecting fundamental training in mechatronics and automation technology.

MPS 400 Series

The MPS 400 series is our latest product line from the MPS family. MPS 400 makes it particularly easy to configure individual learning factories to cover the curricula and requirements of different professions and job roles in an ideal way. The MPS 400 series is not only used for training basic skills in the field of mechatronics and automation technology but also imparts specialist knowledge in Industry 4.0 allowing the students competencies to grow with the system. As a miniaturized production line, the MPS 400 offers a deep insight into intelligent networking of machines in the production environment as well as their work processes.

Powerful Software

With our new software portal FactoryViews, learners, researchers and teachers can centrally access all software modules from our learning and research factories in the field of factory automation. With FactoryViews, the topics of production, mechatronics, automation, and Industry 4.0 are covered on the software side. The software ecosystem is optimally tailored to meet today’s Industry 4.0 education and training requirements and is the node and anchor point for easy access to our didactic MES, a web shop and many other applications that can be individually integrated and configured.

Learning support

Augmented Reality supported learning concepts, as well as a clear preparation of learning content with comprehensive learning documents, make the MPS 400 series the learning system of choice for forward-thinking educational institutions.

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