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The future of learning

What will learning look like in the future? The industry and also technical education and training are in a continuous process of change. Digitalization does not only change what we learn. It also opens up new possibilities for how we learn. Learning trends like microlearning, mobile learning or blended learning offer a more flexible, personalized and efficient approach for people with different types of learning.

Festo Learning Experience

Every person is unique. Therefore, learning should be adapted to the individual needs of the learner. That’s why Festo Didactic has developed Festo LX, the Festo Learning Experience. The digital learning portal for technical education and training picks up current and future learning trends at an early stage and offers comprehensive learning content for many areas of technical education and training. Festo LX combines industry expertise with didactic know-how, theory with practice, and online with face-to-face training.

Unfold the full learning potential

The portal is based on multimedia learning nuggets that can easily be adapted and combined to form

individual learning paths. A wide spectrum of learning content and different formats help students to ensure their employability in the high-tech industry.

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