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Qualifying associates for the digital transformation

The Bosch Rexroth Academy offers a broad portfolio of practice-oriented training courses with which companies can qualify their associates for digital transformation in a targeted manner.

All across the globe, medium-sized companies in particular are grappling with the digital transformation of our industry. In all parts of the world, this problem is largely attributable to the dramatic skills shortage in the fields of digitalization and connectivity. At all levels – be it skilled workers, engineers or managers – the necessary expertise is sorely lacking. Consequently, demand for specialist staff is high, but too few graduates are leaving vocational schools and universities with the necessary qualifications. To address this issue, the Bosch Rexroth Academy offers a wide range of practical training courses, which provides companies with a targeted means of qualifying their associates for the digital transformation.

Extreme volatility in demand, groaning supply chains, disruptive technological leaps and the ongoing energy crisis: Survival in a business world marked by such rapid and far-reaching changes requires a level of agility that can only be achieved through digitalization in the factory of the future. Until just a few years ago, however, the necessary skills and knowledge did not form part of training and study programs. Given the lack of skilled workers, the training and further education of in-house staff represents the most efficient and cost-effective means of creating the necessary digitalization expertise within the company and thereby ensuring lasting competitiveness.

For more than a decade, the Bosch Rexroth Academy has been preparing associates of the Bosch Group for the digital transformation and has devised a three-stage curriculum for this purpose. It comprises all the essential content that is necessary to qualify associates with different levels of training for the world of digitalized factory automation. The full training program for digital transformation can be viewed online.

From basic training to expert qualifications

The basic training courses cover fundamental aspects of connectivity, data handling and smart production for day-to-day application in production and assembly. These take the form of digital e-training courses, which can be completed at any time and in any location. Hybrid and purely classroom-based training courses impart advanced knowledge in selected practical areas such as network architectures, IT security, smart production or agile project and change management. The compact “Industry 4.0” course, for example, equates to module 3 of the IHK certification course “Specialist in Industry 4.0 (IHK)”.

For the expert qualification, intensive practical training up to TÜV-certified study modules including final exams are offered, providing in-depth expertise of selected specialist subjects. They enable skilled workers to identify problems in the digital transformation process and devise suitable solutions. Participants acquire skills such as low coding and are able to link the automation to MES and ERP systems. After attaining their qualification, they will know how manufacturing lines can flexibly produce the smallest of quantities – down to a batch size of just 1 – or how to implement and optimize their cloud-based IT systems on the manufacturing lines.

To keep up with the rapid pace of the digital transformation, the Bosch Rexroth Academy is constantly developing and enhancing the curriculum and supplementing the program with additional training units to serve a wide range of requirements. Interested parties can access the complete training program from the Bosch Rexroth Academy on the Rexroth website.

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Expert knowledge and qualification create a decisive advantage in global competitiveness. Over 225 years of experience as a global industrial company and leading specialist in Drive and Control Technology has made us unique experts in developing innovative products and technologies while maximizing process efficiency. Bosch Rexroth Academy Rexroth offers a practice-oriented portfolio of didactic solutions in the fields of Hydraulics, Automation and Pneumatics, setting benchmarks in the preparation of specialized and integrated know-how. Training and training systems from Bosch Rexroth are precisely tailored to the qualification levels required by the industry as well as educational institutions.

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