GPON Laboratory by ЕMC SPb.SUT Company

Educational and Methodical Centre (“ЕMC SPb.SUT”, J.S.C., 61 Moika Rivеr еmb. 191186 St. Реtеrsburg, Russia) – the
leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, methodic and software for ICT training  in Russia – have successfully completed the testing procedures and one
semester pilot project operation of the new product – GPON-based Broadband Access Laboratory devoted to study passive optic network technics.

General Director Victor TANOV in his speech at the signing of Acceptance Protocol by education institution provided field trials said: «Our company’s technical politics is
based on principle of delivery to customers the product as «turn-key» solution completely ready for educational process including curriculum of laboratory experiments and methodical recommendation for teachers. That is why the first product sample we put into practical approval to ascertain adequate performance of not only hardware and software, but developed curriculum too».

Laboratory is designed for teaching the practical skills in passive optic networks deployment, as well as for studying the active and passive fiber-optics network elements, measurement
procedures, PON networks installation, commissioning and monitoring, and provides comprehensive base for PON researching.

Laboratory is presented itself as standard PON fragment and includes all over network elements of fiber-optic link from carrier’s central office to subscriber/user premises.
Such construction allows practical exercises and investigations to study PON topology and network architecture.

Laboratory comprises 10 PON mounter’s workstations. Each workstation support obtaining practical skills in PON construction and deployment, fiber-optic cables mounting and repair, measuring of network performance, as well as PON configuring and monitoring. The laboratory stand arrangement facilitates tenable and secure elements installation and removing
without such tools as screwdrivers and pliers, etc.

Laboratory is equipped with appliances for vocational training, for teaching on bachelor’s and master’s programs level and for R&D tasks performing.

Delivery suite is supplied with laboratory practice curriculum and set of ancillary materials.

Article Submitted by:

Vladimir Korotin


Russian Federation