Helsinki Education Hub – New Affiliate from FINLAND

Worlddidac Association is proud to present Helsinki Education Hub as a new affiliate.

What is Helsinki Education Hub?

Helsinki Education Hub is an EdTech startup- and innovation center located in the heart of Helsinki. The project, funded by the City of Helsinki, aims to bring together all the different stakeholders for developing successful EdTech innovations. Together with startups, teachers and learners, researchers, investors and corporations, Helsinki Education Hub works towards elevating the businesses and solutions of companies in the growing industry.

Helsinki Education Hub offers a multitude of services for startups and other stakeholders in the EdTech community. These include an Incubator program for early-stage EdTech startups with two batches annually, Testbed-activities for co-creating solutions together with learners, and state-of-the-art facilities with over 700 square meters of co-working spaces. Additionally, Helsinki Education Hub upholds a rapidly growing network of stakeholders and important actors in the industry, in which Worlddidac plays a key role as an essential partner. Together we can develop the education of the future, globally.

For more information regarding  Helsinki Education Hub, click here.